Cold email for Agencies

We find the ICP. Write Killer Sequences, Get in the Inbox and AB test-improve like no others do.

Cold Email

Highly relevant emails sent to the right target will make you go nuclear before you notice.

LinkedIn Outreach

When done well, LinkedIn Outreach can be a great source of leads. People like speaking to people.  


The extra push your potential customer needs to purchase your service, increasing your brand exposure, conversions, and revenue.



Cold e-mail’s about 4 things, mostly:

  • Research. We have AI level research.
  • Copies, Headlines, Subject Lines, Emails… You name it.
  • Getting in the inbox. A striking +40% open rate.
  • ABCDFG testing.


Our Packages

One such strategy that has enormous potential to expand your business is cold emailing. Only 20% of cold emails in the software business are opened, which implies that 80% of them go unread as they get lost in the flood of email.

We guarantee 50% + open rate, < 3% bounce rate, spam report rate of 0.01%.

Cold Email

Your basic Cold-email service. We search the ideal contacts for you. Find your ICP. Establish demographics + psychographic.

We write scripts for you. 3 different campaigns/sequence of 5 emails each.

Cold Email ++

Everything in the second package (cold email + Linkedin) +

Website review + suggestions,

Creation of a landing page with a contact form + live chat 

Cold Email +

Everything in the cold email package + LinkedIn outreach & LinkedIn profile review + suggestions



Agenseed is the #1 B2B lead generation company with a proven track record of delivering quality leads through our proprietary, innovative and customized marketing campaigns.

Native Lead

Tzakhi Freedman

” Agenseed have amazing experience and energy and are all about sharing their knowledge and helping others grow. I learned a lot from them myself, they are experts in lead generation and entrepreneurship and someone you should definitely talk to.”

Loop Club

Tim Keen

” Agenseed team are true entrepreneurs. they have a knack for finding opportunity and making complex things simple. Their approach to lead gen is extremely effective and scalable. They are 1000% committed and will help you level up. Definitely got massive ROI from this engagement.”

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