Cold email for Agencies

Client acquisition wasn’t a challenge at first. Most customers come via networking and recommendations.

But what happens when your network is exhausted? Create pricey Facebook ads? starting your LinkedIn content posting? 


Why Choose Agenseed ?

Unique Personalization for Every Recipient

We search the ideal contacts for you. Find your ICP. Establish demographics + psychographics.

We AB test for you until product-market-fit.

This is extremely valuable data for you.

3000+ Contacts

We share those contacts with you in a csv file which you can plug in your CRM.

2 Bimonthly Consultancy Meetings

4 weekly reports/month—open rates, reply rates, number of leads, product-market-fit in what niche, etc.

As you scale your agency to hit your revenue targets, you’ll quickly encounter a few key pain points. One of the most common is finding new good-fit clients who want to engage with an agency.

Cold emailing is the quickest approach to getting in touch with decision-makers at companies that are a perfect fit for your services


Cold Email Plans:

Cold Email 1.5K$/mo

Cold Email outreach:

  • 3 Campaigns of 1000 contacts each.
  • 15k Emails a month.
  • 4 weekly reports/month.
  • Grow rate of 1.5X/month.

Cold Email + 2K$/mo

Everything the Cold Email package + Linkedin outreach :

  • 20+ connections per day.
  • Linkedin profile review + suggestions.

Cold Email ++ 5k$/mo

Everything in the Cold Email + Package + Remarketing + Landing page :

  • Website review + suggestions.
  • Creation of a landing page with a contact form + live chat.
  • Adwords ads targeting precisely your 3k contacts.


We generate approx 5-10 meetings a month. Our closing rate is around 30%. That means we’ll onboard 1-3 clients per month for you.


You want to spend your time renewing clients, not hunting for new ones.

LinkedIn Outreach

When done well, LinkedIn Outreach can be a great source of leads. People like speaking to people.  

Expert Copywriter

Highly relevant emails sent to the right target will make you go nuclear before you notice.

Trust the Numbers

Our ROI Certified Formula


% ROI per client

% Close rate


Charles has amazing experience and energy and is all about sharing his knowledge and helping others grow. I learned a lot from him myself, he is an expert in lead generation and entrepreneurship and someone you should definitely talk to. “

Tzakhi Freedman



Growing Your Agency with Cold Email

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